Everything on this website is genuine. Except for the things we’ve made up. To give an example, all the quotes in the WHY section are correctly attributed to the individuals named. Some of them were even unsolicited. Others, it has to be said, may have been edited ever so slightly to make them a bit more striking or amusing. In one or two cases, we might even have approached people who were a bit tardy in coming through with a laugh-a-minute line, and suggested something they might have said, if they’d had the time and energy to think about it. But we’ve only used those with their specific approval.

That’s what we do, you see. We make things up for other people. Who do you think dreams up all those snappy quotes from business leaders in press releases? Or writes Chairman’s Statements? Certainly not the average Chairman.

We can and do provide every service described on this website, except that Arthur is no longer to savage postmen, owing to being dead. However, describing keithhann.com as ‘a full service agency’ may be pushing it a bit. We can happily write you a cracking press release, and even explain what it means to journalists. However, when it comes to routine things like distributing releases to the media, frankly we’d rather be in the pub or watching Countdown. On the other hand, we can arrange that sort of thing through a wide range of proper financial PR firms in London. Probably at a keener price than you could negotiate yourself. We know all the tricks of the trade, you see.

Get it?